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Capacity, Capability, Knowledge and Desire

Our systemic approach looks at Capacity, Capability, Knowledge and Desire.


The amount that can be achieved in the present and the future


To learn and understand someone(s) or the business ability


Facts, information, and skills acquired through experience and education


A strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen

Establish what support you are seeking, is it Coaching, Mentoring or Consulting?

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Feeling stuck; by using this quick guide, it will help give you an understanding of the support you are looking for. If the answers you provide steer you in the direction of coaching, mentoring or consulting, then we recommend you move on to step two. If they steer you in other directions, we recommend you seek alternative specialist support.


Ask 12; by answering these carefully designed 12 questions, it will give us a strong indication of the support you are seeking. On receipt of your answers, we will assess and contact you providing some dates for an initial discussion.


If it has become clear that coaching is the support you want and it fits your needs, please feel free to complete our Coaching Questionnaire. This will help us establish a solid professional coaching relationship.

Coaching Questionnaire

If you’re interested in working with BGC, please complete the questionnaire, which will help you to understand whether coaching and BGC are right for you or your organisation.

Build a Rapport

Answer these carefully designed 12 questions to give us a strong indication of the support you are seeking.

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