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It’s a new beginning – Consult – Mentor – Coach

We are delighted to announce that we have extended our professional services with a new offering. We are now ready to launch our professional FA licenced Football Intermediary / Agent services supporting players at all levels and all ages.

These are exceptionally exciting times at present and expanding our offering further highlights our desire to support people of all demographics helping bring coaching to the masses supporting mental wellbeing.

We have a very clear goal when working with any client –

  • To support them to become the best they can become 

For a semi or professional footballer –

  • Staying strong off the pitch will help the performance on the pitch

We are seeking to modernise the way intermediaries/agents work with both players and clubs making sure all parties get the best results from their time and investment.

We live in an era of social media and instant gratification which creates immense highs and lows which impacts on the decisions we make good or bad.

We are the first all-inclusive intermediary which offers professional off the pitch coaching, mentoring and life guidance to enhance performance on the pitch as standard. With the pressures of the modern-day football arena, we focus on prevention as opposed to cure. Our approach supports players maintain a strong and positive mindset which enables them to make more positive decisions on and off the pitch reducing times of vulnerability.

We also focus on making sure you have access to the best support, advice, and guidance when you want and need it from specialists including, mental health, financial, investments, education, community, alternative career opportunities, as well looking at life outside of football.

Whilst playing football is the most important thing to you right now, you do have so much more to give, but you might not have realised that yet. Acceptance and preparation that playing football will come to an end either through planned or unplanned retirement is key to building your mental resilience.

My 10 Commitments


To represent players seeking to source them the best and realistic footballing opportunities in-line with their capabilities, goals, and dreams.


Always help players to maintain a strong and positive working relationship with their club.


Hold players to account making sure they fulfil their commitments and obligations to their stakeholders.


Mentor players to making more positive life choice decisions during their football career.


Support players with ongoing personal coaching sessions, but especially at times of vulnerability helping to maintain a positive and strong mindset.


Mentor them in their handling and presenting themselves to the media and guide their use of social media.


To give life guidance where required helping them understand cause-and-effect.


Assist with relevant outside interest/projects at the appropriate time making sure there is zero impact on their football performance.


Prepare players for the afterlife of football in the appropriate manner.


Be their confidant, their friend, their mentor, their coach, their father, their local source, and their advisor at all times.

Intermediary + Life Coaching

The additional benefits of working with me is that players have access to their very own ‘life coach’ and each player will have the option to be DISC profiled helping me assist in building on their strengths in a language they understand and welcome.

  • Tackle and overcome personal limiting beliefs ‘nothing is never out of reach’
  • Remove potential imposter syndrome ‘you are not a fraud’
  • Bring out the leader in each player ‘Inspire the man next to you’
  • Boost a player’s strengths ‘improve personal critical success factors’
  • Increase a player’s emotional intelligence and self-awareness ‘how to see others through your actions’
  • Managing mental wellbeing ‘encouraging to talk programme’
  • Reflective sessions ‘what does hindsight teach us?
  • How to increase a player’s self-worth ‘personalised SWOT’
  • Game day preparation ‘approach the game with the best mindset’
  • Developing personal core values ‘how do you represent you, your family, your club, and your country’’

For a player and I to create and build the right bond/relationship I ask from them the following.

A player has the want, the passion, and the desire to play football

A player with the desire to be the best they can be

A player who seeks the ‘CANI’ approach (continued and never-ending improvements)

A Player who demonstrates professionalism, integrity, hard work, dedication, and loyalty

A player who is happy to be held to account

A player that wants to work with me because of my support offer

Any questions or queries, send us a message from the form below.

Any questions or queries, send us a message from the form below.

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