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Business Growth Coaching was founded by owner and Managing Director Nick Summers in 2017 following 30 years of business experience in corporate, SME, private equity and family-run businesses.

We are an independent organisation offering bespoke consulting, coaching, and mentoring services nationwide to support business growth. We work with our clients on ‘key areas of focus’ enabling them, the experts in their business, to deliver sustained business improvements.

We primarily work in the B2B and B2C arena, and our model allows us to be non-sector specific.

Nick Summers

Nick Summers – ICF ACC

We believe that “You Can Do It”


We are committed to inspire, challenge and motivate businesses, for greater success

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We are client focused, our clients needs are at the heart of what we do, your success is our success.

Our Purpose

Business Growth Coaching Ltd – ‘Does what it says on the tin’.

Our mission is to support you and your team, taking your business to the next level. Through Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting services tailored to your needs, we help you to achieve your goals, ensuring the success of your business.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity – We believe in honesty and having strong moral principles
  • Commitment – We are wholly committed to our purpose, generating success for those who want it
  • Generosity – We believe that giving is more powerful and rewarding than taking, we want to give as much back as possible
  • Results Orientated – We are adaptable and think quickly, making sure that we achieve the desired goal set
  • Inquisitive – We are forever learning, we want to remain unduly curious about all subjects

What People Say About Nick

Nick Summers – Personal Biography

Nick is a highly motivated hands-on business leader with experience in multiple fields and industries. His career has spanned a variety of business environments, from SME to Plc, PE and B2B. He has worked across several multi-million-pound negotiations, including end-to-end mergers and acquisitions, enabled strategic planning at leadership level and overseen large company P&Ls.

With over 25 years’ commercial experience, Nick understands that every business is individual and encounters different challenges. His previous roles – charting back to the very earliest days of his career – have spanned the ranks, and produced an array of valuable skills and a broad-spectrum insight into the varied roles and responsibilities of different positions. In the past decade, this expertise has culminated in his current directorial and board capacities.

Over the years Nick has developed a bespoke coaching business with the aim of delivering expert guidance on achieving year-on-year growth, with mentoring, personal/team development and recruitment becoming a key interest. In 2018 he became DISC certified and also completed the ICF-approved Barefoot Coaching programme. He has also been certified by Cranfield’s Director’s programme, the Marketing Strategies and the Marketing Director programmes. Nick is also qualified in recruitment practice.

Recruitment, training and people development are at the forefront of Nick’s business ethos, founded on the principles of empowerment and independence. For Nick, coaching enables the client to discover their own paths to professional development, while his tailor-made consulting and mentoring programmes provide solutions to achieving these goals.

His most recent positions have been characterised by the desire to rebuild a culture of connectivity; supporting commercial growth and enhancing operations across sales, marketing, finance delivery and B2b and B2c retail. Although cohesion is important, Nick is a passionate believer in the notion of “positive dysfunctionality” – the ability to challenge a status quo or an established protocol in order to achieve results, both inside and outside the boardroom.

Nick’s varied career is a testament to his refusal to stagnate. His previous companies and clients have witnessed rapid growth, through the implementation of sales-analysis tools, improved processes and procedures, as well as the instigation of the correct bespoke strategic plan for company growth, staff satisfaction, operational efficiency, customer retention and profit maximisation.

Nick is entirely client-focused: an important question is whether the high-functioning members of a client’s team are being effectively managed, mentored and developed professionally. Nick brings these questions and more to any senior-leadership team. His personal motto, therefore, is unsurprising in its powerful simplicity: “Love your business. Love your life.”

Business Disciplines

Business, Executive and Team Coaching

Sales and Marketing

Operations & General Management


Business Strategies

Change Management

Recruitment & Retention

People Development and Sustainable Growth

Business Development

Leadership Development

Training & Development

Reports and Analysis

Asset Review

Trade Merchant Distribution

Multi-Site Management

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